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2017-02-27 15:34:49 +0300 answered a question Cinder Newton

I am not sure we can consider that as an answer, but I get my problem resolved.

I have revert back the getaddrinfo function in C:\Program Files\Cloudbase Solutions\OpenStack\Cinder\Python27\lib\site-packages\eventlet\support\ to the Python default. It seems there is a bug there. This function is which working on one of my cluster and not the other.

2017-01-30 18:57:13 +0300 commented question Cinder Newton

I still have no explanation for this issue... I tryied to replace the server name by its IP on a local share (not a SOFS one), but I always have the same. Our other cluster in an other region is worknig fine with the same conficuration. Tryied to un-install and reinstall but was still failling.

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2017-01-09 15:34:34 +0300 asked a question Cinder Newton


We have migrated our Windows 2016 Cluster from Mitaka to Newton. Everything is fine now, in one of our 2 region, the Cinder service is not working (that's fine with the same configuration in the other region). At the start up, the service is starting correctly but that's not possible to create a new volume. In the log the only thing is that it writes "Exception during mounting [Errno 11001] No address associated with hostname". The UNC path is working with the account used to mount it. We have also seen that the mnt folder is not created.


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2016-11-20 01:45:41 +0300 answered a question Cannot ping a new instance

I think that I have resolved our problem.

I have set up the old method for ofinterface : ofinterface = ovs-ofctl

Now the network is going up correctly.

Change that we have done to our neutronovsagent.conf [ovs] ovsdbinterface = vsctl ofinterface = ovs-ofctl


2016-11-20 01:21:49 +0300 asked a question Cannot ping a new instance


We use a cluster of Windows 2016 hyper-V Servers. Recently we have migrated from Mitaka to Newton. We have now some trouble when we create new instances. Network is not working (instance does not ping). There is no error message nor in the Hyper-V log nor in the Neutron server. Port is correctly created. If we restart the service "OpenStack Neutron Open vSwitch Agent Service", after a couple of seconds, the network goes up. Then it works without any problem and stay stable. If we create a new VM we the problem.

In the OVS part we have setted the option ovsdb_interface = vsctl (if not we have errors in the log)

the "ovs-vsctl.exe show" command is ok and shows the ports of the instance.


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It works. That's perfect. Thank you

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2016-11-14 21:32:14 +0300 asked a question Hyper-V cluster with Newton


We are trying to upgrade a Windows 2016 Hyper-V cluster from Mitaka to Newton. After installing compute agent on the Hyper-V server (HyperVNovaComputeNewton1401.msi), keeping the same configuration files, the service does not start. After replacing computedriver=hyperv.nova.cluster.driver.HyperVClusterDriver with computedriver=hyperv.HyperVDriver, the service starts and the Hyper-V host register correctly. But it works not in cluster mode. We tryed some variant for computedriver (as computedriver=hyperv.HyperVClusterDriver), but we cannot find any.

Is there a way with Newton to use Hyper-V failover cluster ?


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2016-10-20 13:50:01 +0300 asked a question Use Cinder with CSV


We are using a Windows 2016 Hyper-V Cluster with Mitaka, and we would like to know if that's possible to use Cinder to manage volume on local CSV storage ? If not is there a way to get instance resizing working when the instances_path is set to a SMB share. (Our goal is not to have VHDX splitted between CSV and SMB)


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2016-09-30 12:57:46 +0300 commented answer Cinder SMB fails to attach

I have patch the file and it works. Thanks for your quick answer

2016-09-30 12:21:06 +0300 asked a question Cinder SMB fails to attach


We have setup a Mitaka Openstack environment based on a Windows 2012R2 Cluster. Everything is working well. We are now trying to implement Cinder with the SMB driver. Cinder starts correctly, Volume can be created, snapshoted or resized with no problem. But when we try to attach the volume to an instance it fails with the following error (nova-compute.log) : NovaException: WMI job failed with status 10. Error details: Failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. - 'instance-0000007e' failed to add device 'Physical Disk Drive'. (Virtual machine ID DFF76BB3-8D3B-4787-8C78-BD04E66B9573) - Error code: 32773

We also installed the iSCSI driver which is working correctly.

Do you have any idea of what we have missed ?


2016-09-30 12:14:30 +0300 commented answer Hyper-V instance resizing

I have applyed the change to the 2 files and that's working now. Thank's

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2016-09-16 13:18:53 +0300 commented question Hyper-V instance resizing

We use Mitaka with Windows 2012R2 hyper-v cluster. We have installed the cloudbase Nova client for Mitaka

2016-09-16 13:16:55 +0300 answered a question Hyper-V instance resizing

We use mitaka with Windows 2012r2 hyper-v cluster. We have installed the cloudbase mitaka nova compute on them.

2016-09-16 12:57:51 +0300 asked a question Hyper-V instance resizing


We have set up a Openstack installation on Hyper-V Failover cluster. Everything is working fine, we are using the cluster Hyper-v driver. All Hyper-V host is using the same CSV disk to store instance.

When we try to resize an instance, the resize occurs well, the instance is correctly resized in the Hyper-V manager (and starts), but it fails in the failover cluster manager saying that it cannot find the ressource for Virtual Machine Configuration. Is there a way to resize instance in failover Hyper-V cluster ?